Strenuous Diaries: TK – tinu

This page contains the adventurous short stories of TK and TINU, the best cousins of this world. There are drama, thrill, suspense, absurd endings and last but not the least – pure fun.

Chapter 1. iPhone?
TK: Tinu, Bro. I want to buy an iPhone, but I am confused which company I should go for.


Tinu: Go for Tommy Hilfiger, Sis. It doesn’t have bacteria or viruses.

Chapter 2. When TINU told story
TK: Tinu, Bro. Tell me a story.


Tinu: Alright, Sis. There lived a brahmin called Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand in a village. Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand was very intelligent. Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand was having a pet. Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand was used to teach Sanskrit. One day, Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand went to jungle. Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand wanted to cut some trees for wood. Ghataatopatankaartanktokraanand wanted to grow twice the trees that he cut. Ghataatopatn.


TK slapped him and stopped him telling further story.

TK: Tinu, Bro. The brahmin in your story has such a long name that his name itself is a story. So I will never ask you to tell me a story from now onwards..

Tinu: TK, Sis. You are a free bird now.

Chapter 3. What about dinner?
On a cold late Sunday night, TK pings Tinu on Whatsapp.


TK: Hey Bro, what’s up?

Tinu: Nothing much, Sis.

TK: What did you have in dinner?

Tinu: Grow up, Sis. Talk to me something interesting.

TK(After a long pause): Alright, Bro. What do you think India should go for: Dictatorship or Democracy? I think our country needs a dedicated and strong dictatorship of people like ************.

Tinu: Mom made white pasta and apple pie in dinner. What did you have in dinner?

Chapter 4. TINU the Oblivion
Tinu was very much inspired by Indian actress Deepika Padukone’s “My life, My choice” video that he updated his facebook status:


“I define my rules, I take my decisions, I live my life on my own terms, my life, my choice rules.”

TK was the first person to like it and she commented:

“Hey Bro, awesome one. Let’s go for a movie tomorrow to celebrate your freedom.”

Tinu liked the comment and replied:

“TK, Sis. Thank you for the invitation, but I can’t come as Dad won’t allow me. :(“

Chapter 5. The Mystery of three questions
TK and Tinu were having Icecream candies on new year evening.After finishing candy, TK asked Tinu:


“Tinu, Bro. Why are people of this world so much manipulative? Why are people so selfish? And you haven’t given me the answer yet: Should India go for the dictatorship?

Tinu listened to all the three questions very carefully, thought for a long, then he took the wooden stick of his finished candy, he cut that stick into 3 equal parts, then he took one part, got it sharpened by rubbing it on a rock, then Tinu used that sharpened part as toothpick to remove the cashew stuck between his 28th and 29th tooth, then he put his right palm on TK’s head and told:

“ TK, I don’t know anything. You instead see those fire crackers. See how beautiful the sky is with light. Carpe Diem ! ”

Chapter 6. Mr. A
TK and Tinu were playing pictionary at TK’s mansion. Suddenly TK saw a male rat running here and there in the room. She screamed. Tinu asked her for the reason of her shout. TK pointed the male rat running here and there with her right hand’s index finger. Now Tinu also saw the male rat. He screamed even louder than TK. Then TK, being 14 years younger than Tinu, came up with a solution to pray first so that the almighty might give them some direction. So they both did all the prayers that they knew. Then suddenly, they both, at the same time, heard a voice within themselves: “Fight the devil.” So they decided to fight that battle for their lives. They made a strategy. They named the male rat as Mr. A. Tinu went out to get a broomstick. TK had to keep tracking the devil. Finally Tinu came up with a broomstick and closed the main door of the room so that the devil could not go in other rooms. When Tinu was doing all these, TK constantly tracked the devil. (Despite of being 14 years younger than Tinu, TK is more mature, responsible and reliable person than Tinu. That’s the beauty of the nature, isn’t it?)


Tinu asked TK.

Tinu:TK, where is Mr. A?


TK: Shit is behind the curtains.

Tinu: TK, Sis. I am asking for Mr. A, not the shit.

TK(Slapping Tinu gently by her left hand on his right chick): I am sorry, Bro. Actually I meant:

“SSSShhhh… It is behind the curtains.”

And Tinu cried.

Chapter 7. TK who never sleeps

TINU, getting exhausted by his job, started applying in all the companies that he knew with his resume He was getting rejected from everywhere, so being a young blood, he decided to start up and he called TK before making any official decision.

Trriing Trriing..

TK picked up the call.

TK : Yeah bro, how are you?

TINU : Sis, I am starting up with my company ‘TK’.

TK : You have already started up, bro. Go to sleep now. It’s 1 AM.

TINU : Ohh, is it so? Alright. Good night. Sleep well.

TK : Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Carpe Diem !


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