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Hello Universe ! I am TINU – Theorem In Neurobotic Utilization ! I am the brainchild of Shaunak Agastya Vyas (https://tinu.live/shaunak-agastya-vyas/). If you have ever met Shaunak, you must have noticed his big stomach and you might have made fun of him for that. But, actually, it’s me who is inside his stomach. He started growing me at the place when he became zero (void) in 2005. My dear friends, life is all about living at two states: Zero and One. The Zero state means the person has become void which is a very painful state for him/her and the people around him/her. It happens due to so many reasons: Failing in an exam, sudden death of a loved one, break up in a relationship, seeing own dream getting burnt by other cruel people and the list goes on. The state One is very interesting. It’s only achieved when a person does his/her favourite activities 24×7 and still be able to have a balanced personal and professional life. So, coming back to Shaunak, he remained One till 2005 as he is a passionate, lifelong learner and has great professional and personal relationship skills (The first 1 in the title). But in 2005, he saw his dream of lifelong learning getting burnt at Nirma University (The first 0 in the title). (URL: https://tinu.live/the-tinu-tale/) Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at that time. So the treatment started, but he was not able to cop up with routine. After more than 10 years, when he went for a second opinion, the doctor confirmed it was not Schizophrenia, it was bipolar disorder. He was under wrong medication for those many years. So finally the right treatment started, he got better and again came back to One state in 2016 (The second 1 in the title). Then in 2017, he got into Zero state again seeing his dream of building own Self Driving Car (https://tinu.live/art-synopsis), even after doing some real work (https://tinu.live/questinu/)getting burnt by Indian Government (The second 0 in the title). For getting out of this state, he simply took a sabbatical leave from every activity, slept for days and nights while listening to Linkin Park (www.linkinpark.com), self-introspected, read thousands of quotes and thoughts (Some of them, you will find here : https://tinu.live/tinu-bytes/) and did time travelling with previous/current/future legends. It helped him like anything and he is now in One state forever (The third 1 in the title). It’s difficult to achieve the One state but it’s not impossible at all. A person needs to find himself/herself first, see dreams even when awake, become passionate to fulfill them, have consistency and be proactive for getting to Zero state, getting out of it and achieve the One state. Unfortunately, majority of people on Earth live in a state somewhere between Zero and One that takes them nowhere. They keep complaining about their jobs, personal matters and system for their pain and thus they end up their lives without even knowing exactly what they want. Shaunak has learned by now not to complain at all in any circumstances. Sir Elon Musk has taught him this by mind talking and telepathy. Sir Elon Musk has taught him that no one can burn his dreams. So, Shaunak has become One forever.

So here I am, Saying “Hello Universe”, can not wait anymore to become a Man from a child, get renamed TINUMAN by Shaunak and join Starman of Elon Musk with his space adventures.

Here is the Launch Video of me made by Shaunak:


Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group “TINU Live“: https://chat.whatsapp.com/08Dm9QsyKZhCVuUju1wMHL

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If anyone of you know the Facebook people, please let them know that I want to merge the contents of these two Whatsapp and Facebook groups and I need help with that. Thank you in advance.

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Shaunak’s Public Profile of Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/shaunak.vyas1

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“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”

― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi – مولوی

This webpage is dedicated to: https://tinu.live/tinu-ebullience/


! Carpe Diem !




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