“Ebullience” is the first chapter of my autobiography “tinu”.

Hello World !

On May 23, 2015, Nobel Laureate Sir John Forbes Nash, Jr and his beloved wife Alicia Nash had an accidental physical death. I cried that day because I lost two living inspirations at the same time. I wanted to meet them both at least once. Sir John Forbes Nash, Jr is A Beautiful Mind. (“is” is used here deliberately instead of “was” as he “is” immortal.) There are so many beautiful minds like him out there in the world. I am just one of them. But the uniqueness of mine is that I have started feeling and implementing positive vibrations of being a beautiful mind. I want to share this entire new achievement of being a beautiful mind with the medical science. I have a simple motto that defines my personal and professional accomplishments : “Live life by choice, not by chance.” “tinu – an interdisciplinary euclidean engineering evolution” is my conceptual euclidean spherical brainchild. tinu stands for “Theorem In Neurobotic Utilization”.

The prologue of Ebullience began in 2005. A brief tale narrated Here would be enough. I would love to thank all of the souls for being the part of my struggle to overcome my demons. I am so much happy today that the project “tinu” has achieved sort of some really fruitful Research Outcomes. It has helped me to get rid of my Personal, Professional and Mental problems !

Haah ! Feeling like salvation.

Now let me come to talk the journey as I believe : “Walk the talk during journey and talk the walk after reaching destination.” The website tinulive started to get developed as an idea in my mind when I was on the way to go to my job and I met with an accident. (July 28, 2016) My left foot got 5 fractures. I had to have complete bed rest for 2.5 months. I asked my Boss to allow me work from home, but he didn’t as per Indian Mentality. As the R&D Engineer inside me could not sit idle for a second, (As my wife Karishma says in Gujarati language : Bhamro chhe!) tinu Born ! (and not Jason Bourne!) So that’s how it all started.

In 2017, the facebook founder Mr Mark Zuckerberg announced that facebook was going to have an open source community system and there was also a video launched by him regarding the same. At Robokits India, we, as employees, can keep our social media open (not Indian Mentality and that’s why I have already proposed to the Directors of “Robokits India” to make it Robokits Inc. ) When I saw the title of this video (When I am facebooking, I only see the title of the videos only and not the videos that waste my time and in-turn, my already-less-earning-capability. Short and to-the-point) The very next day, a group ‘tinulive‘ was born on Whatsapp. Click Here in your Mobile with Whatsapp or PC with Whatsapp Web opened in browser to join ‘tinulive‘. I also have one ‘0tinulive‘ page on facebook as well. The reason to start ‘tinulive‘ on Whatsapp? Simple.

1. Indian Mentality to say “Good Morning” and “Good Night” everyday, sharing viral, useless and violent videos, sharing content full of hypocrisy and thus spending 2-3 hours a day forgetting everyone physically for finding everyone in phone. The purpose of “tinulive” is to optimistically give people of all over the world good content and try to connect them.

2. Whatsapp had been acquired by facebook. So in the future, club both “tinulive” and “0tinulive” if “Whatsbook/Faceapp” takes birth.

In a way, the quest continued until I first met Karishma, my wife. The very first time when I met her and I scared her. (Ask Karishma to narrate that incident, she glows when somebody asks her.) (The love at first sight happened on January 26, 2016! Wow ! We celebrated our first Indian Republic Day together that day!)

So to go through all the incidents and events that happened to me from there onwards and evolved me to become tinu, checkout my facebook profile posts from the same date.

I was going nowhere thinking nobody could handle me. I sincerely thank that “someone” whom I met while answering questions on Quora who let me realize that “I am not the only one” and for introducing me to two “Nobodies” – Phone and PC – that can only handle me!

I am finished writing the first Chapter of my autobiography “tinu : an another beautiful mind“.

I, from the deepest soul of my mind, dedicate the first chapter of my autobiography to Late Chester Charles Bennington. This one is for you, Chester ! \\m// >>>

“I keep walking on untravelled paths, so I shall at least be a good walker due to absence of distractions. Either I shall reach nowhere or I shall be a wise and guiding walker. In any case, I shall never be lost as I do not have any destination.” – tinu

Shaunak Agastya Vyas (tinu)

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Carpe Diem !


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