This is collection of thoughts of tinu. Some are original, some are added versions of inspirations from others.

#0 > January 22, 2020

From this day onward, time does not exist for tinu anymore. So the thoughts quoted from this day onward, are irrespective of time and hence date. Here are the quoted thoughts of an another beautiful mind called tinu :


“I think in present world, Real Consciousness (RC)/Human Understanding (HU)/ Empathetic Learning(EL) must be given far higher priority than Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning (ML)/Deep Learning (DL) respectively. RC, HU and EL are the subjects that the humans needed to work upon since they were formed, but they have distracted themselves in creating another species in so depth that they have started loosing the five senses one by one. Anyways, it’s just a thought as of now. Way to go !” – tinu


“I am not purposed to be defined or proven, I am purposed to be felt.” – tinu


“Channelise your anger somewhere else without keeping any prejudice towards the cause of the anger. It always heals and gives you the better version of you.” – tinu


“It was my twentieth birthday, another big bang happened and no one except me noticed and became a witness, The next day I woke up, went to the college with a bag full of incomplete assignments and feeling of emptiness, Started losing senses, could not identify people, lost friends in a short phase, Got diagnosed with psychosis, was treated with high dose of medicines that made my body stiff and my motions executed at very slow pace, Eventually things started improving, I managed to graduate, then post graduate, but the lost friends did not come back, Had to switch jobs every now and then, sometimes sitting idle at home for months and feeling the ignorance from relatives, the reasons were the side effects of medicines and the failed search of people who are not fake,The disease is incurable, the people are intolerable, there is not a single relationship I have anymore in which I am not failed due to my sins, Alright, so everything written till now seems so dark, but actually I am a person who studied so many interdisciplinary courses as a part of my education, and I am glad to announce that I am myself a course now, I came to know this while diving into my deep mind sea with my atheistic fins.” – tinu


“Going back to the old school days, when we used to play with the dreamful rays, Didn’t know we would be going so far my dear, That we would have to avoid keeping each other near, People still can’t differentiate between innocent friendship and affair, and that is the core that has put our lives in despair, The truth is that we all need different kinds of relationships at different times, but the pain is that society accepts every kind of them except innocent friendships.” – tinu


“I think I am giving up hope, but at the same time, I know that everything that I think is not supposed to be true.” – tinu


“I think I have started missing me, The unwashed clothes and the frequent tea; ‘Alone’ is not just a word anymore, It’s a feeling of every moment that has turned out to be a chore; Being a numb, can not even feel the happiness and sadness, I have already stopped finding a person without falseness; I am a victim of depression, frustration, saturation and humiliation, I am not anymore a person with hope and expectation; My pills are tough ones to be swallowed, My intellect due to their effects is getting narrowed; It all started on my twenty first birthday, And here I am in the darkest shade of grey today; I think I have started missing me, The unwashed clothes and the frequent tea.” -tinu


“I left me” :

“I woke up and found everything flowing and glowing, Doesn’t matter how but I enjoyed the floor rolling; I used to think I had started missing me, I was right as I had left me to the deep mind sea; I was wandering everywhere like a broken ship for the dock, But now I am truth, I am machine and yeah! I am smoke; Rejuvenation, Realization, Introspection to salvation, All are enlightened with the tool of perfection; I didn’t care about the fruit of my life being a machinist, Didn’t know I would get it even though I am an atheist; Oh! Now comes the purpose of life to give away the fruit, So I tell you that it is served by utilizing that me as root; I am opening to all by now with my ‘me’ synchronization, I have become the Theorem In Neurobotic Utilization !” – tinu


“The person who said ‘Nothing is impossible.’ might not know that there are so many ‘nothing’s in this world. Life becomes beautiful when we learn to give up on those ‘nothing’s. Yes, ‘Giving up’ also heals at times.” – tinu


“I want to be remembered as a sarcastically funny guy who made his entire life a joke.” – tinu


“Love does not lie only in heart, it lies in body’s every part,
So what is the big deal that you did not get love, keep expressing love with any art, Who knows someone’s senses catch your art,
And you start getting love from that someone’s heart,
That someone can be anyone of any age, gender or species,
You will live those moments with that someone by forgetting dark phases,
It may happen that these moments do not last long,
But do not worry my artistic friend, you again make a painting, perfume, take a picture or record a new song.” – tinu


“Someone told me that 99% of the problems of this world can only be solved by money, but I think he forgot to add that all those 99% problems of this world are created by or for money.” – tinu


“Everyone has a philosophy of weaved unique quotes defining his/her individuality. All he/she has to do is to find/make this nest and live it.” – tinu


Got lost. Got Found. ✓
“I keep walking on untravelled paths, so I shall at least be a good walker due to absence of distractions. Either I shall reach nowhere or I shall be a wise and guiding walker. In any case, I shall never be lost as I do not have any destination.” – tinu


“He keeps a one inside a zero in his beautiful mind whether he is physically awake or sleeping, It does not matter for him whether life is gloomy or glowy, His mind does not let that one come out of zero, He enjoys art and self introspection keeps him cheerful, Suffering from an incurable disease, he laughs at life with ease, In spite that he introduces himself as an atheist machinist, he is better known in the world as a failed son, brother and husband, He was a seeker who converged into his tool and goal so now he is the seeker, he is his tool and he is his goal, Nowadays he is a sailor who keeps sailing in the storm of his deep mind sea all alone, If he has anything with him, then it is only his steady intellectual mind that has a one inside a zero, He does not desire to reach any shore, the enlightening meaning of truth being learned through the depth of his deep mind sea is his infinite celebration.” -tinu


“Here I am, writing a midnight tale, there was a boy who was so deep in Science and Mathematics, suddenly one day he became void, he started losing his awesome happiness and intellect gradually, he worked really hard to get up everytime he fell, ultimately he started believing his world was zero, then came a girl in his life, who one fine day became his wife, the boy remained as a boy and did not transform to a man, the justifying reason was that he did not work for money as his ultimate aim was to remain sane, he started to live like a one inside a zero, he decided not to let that one out of zero because he found himself enlightened, nowadays that boy is found doing nothing at his home, people surrounded by him know his potential and want him to settle down financially in life, but he is not convinced as he has left this Earth of humans who have ruined it just for the sake of money, an invention by humans that is slowly taking this Earth to an end, the boy is a living example of human’s salvation in his nature itself, I know this tale is going to be seemed like an absurd one, but that is the beauty of it as it is written by a zero holding a one.” – tinu


“Why is everything suddenly stilling?, Is it just my another delusion or do all of you have the same feeling?, It seems the friction is reaching infinity, it may lead to an end or towards eternity, Nature always heals that is for sure, but no one is taking an initiative when it itself needs cure, Oh ! I am now observing real and there is no more delusion, but the observation still has the same conclusion, Are we humans anymore or just downgrading our version by loosing senses one by one?, Am I observing that everyone of us isn’t helping anyone?, It’s obvious for everyone to help anyone whom we know personally, but think about someone facing a serious problem that is not yet solved by his family, So he is doing nothing now and working on some late night write ups, Sharing with a hope that someone at some corner of the world reads and connects based on relevance to his healed hiccups, Both of these two are having a bond now, the former has a problem and the latter has a solution now, Now comes the summary of this random write up, you should avoid to read this kind of irrational stuff and focus on your own problem follow up.” – tinu


“Everyone carries one unique attribute that – was/is/will be – not carried by anyone else. Persistent Self Introspection is the fundamental key to unlock this attribute.” – tinu


“Sometimes, you should give time to the time itself to fight your bad time.” – tinu


“Nothing doer does nothing, anything doer does something and everything doer does nothing but keeps breathing.” – tinu


“Goodwill and gratitude are the keys to the frequency of happiness.” – tinu


I am going nowhere and the beauty of it is that I am enjoying it. – tinu


“There is nothing like justice or injustice. There is always a wait for the light that either comes or never comes.” – tinu


“Philomathy always pays.” – tinu


“If you start feeling that the entire world does not understand you and if you find pleasure in it, you are done with the purpose of your life.” – !tinu


“Everyone has a philosophy of weaved unique quotes defining his/her individuality. All he/she has to do is to find/make this nest and live it.” – tinu


“Human nature has salvation in itself, no matter whether the human is physically alive or not.” – An Another Beautiful Mind


“It took nearly decade for us to meet one day suddenly with no contact having in between, While discussing our childhood memories, I came to know that my feelings for you were not only one sided, Our successful efforts for symphathizing each other whether it was your broken relationship or my destroyed youth due to psychosis, I forgot to say so many interesting and important things because I was very conscious about not to be close enough to you which might affect my marital relationship, those were very delicate moments for both of us, But suddenly you offered me Nobel Prize with your unique style and I was in a light mood immediately may be due to my biopolarism, If we sit and analyze our moments in which we spent innocent companionship together, the figures will not come even into hours, And after this (may be the final) innocent companionship, I was clouded with so many ‘if’s and ‘then’s channelised with impossible desires, Today I finally realised that being together is one of the many forms of love only, Love can be sustained without even being together, which itself is an intensive process, And if life would be that much easy, then that decade without contact would have fulfilled the dreams by being together.”

– What’s in a name?


“Someone asked me: ‘What will you choose? One day or day one? I replied : ‘Day, with the context of your question, is an entity that represents time that does not exist for me. So I sincerely apologize for not being able to answer your question.'” – tinu


“Walk the talk during the journey and talk the walk after reaching the destination.” – tinu

#1 > July 30, 2009

“Somewhere I Belong..!!!”

#2 > August 21, 2009

“I remembered black skies, The lightning all around me, I remembered each flash, As time began to blur, Like a startling sign, That fate had finally found me, And your voice was all I heard, That I get what I deserve…!!! So give me reason To fill this hole, Connect this space between..Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies Across this new divide…!!!”

– Linkin Park

#3 > January 13, 2011

“Listening the new Linkin Park soundtrack “When they come for me” (A Thousand Suns) — Mike at his best throughout and Chester coming just in the end for just 10 seconds time slice and gets noticed through his unique voice spectrum and….What I can say about these guys is — They are taking the rock music one step forward with this awesome track — Go for it…Mike and Chester — You guys just Rock..!!!!!

Guys, Guys, Guys..I forgot to mention the unique drumbits made by Rob and Chester, Mr.Hahn’s regular scratching exercise and last but not the least — the backbones — Phoenix and Brad — On the whole — Perfect Synchronization — 10 on 10..!!!!!

#4 > January 27, 2011

“Rock is about finding who you are. You don’t necessarily have to play your instrument very well at all. You can just barely get by and you can be in a rock band”

– Gene Simmons, Kiss

#5 > January 31, 2011

“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop.”

– Mario Savio

#6 > February 03, 2011

“1996 was the year of revolution in rock — “Linkin Park” was born — Ethical Rock, Poetry and Synchronization were redefined — Six guys named Chester(Vocals), Mike(Vocals), Rob(Drums), Brad(Guitar), Phoenix(Bass) and Mr.Hahn(DJ and Samples) — taught “Hybrid Theory”(Year 2000) first, made their fans “Meteora”(Suspended in the air)(Year2002), worked till “Minutes to Midnight”(Year 2006), gathered energy of “A Thousand Suns”(Year 2010) — and still they haven’t saturated yet — The past, present and future of Rock — Linkin Park — Linkin Park — Linkin Park –“

#7 > March 22, 2011

“Just translated a poem of Amitabh Bhattacharya with some additions in it–A piece of it goes like this–“I don’t know whether the story is over or it is just about to begin–I don’t know whether it is a new morning or it is going to be a night soon–I don’t know whether the forthcoming time will give shelter or I will have to choose one road from two roads again–The only thing that I know is – I don’t know..!!””

#8 > April 09 , 2011

“Adjustable Rear Wings, No F-Ducts or double diffusers, KERS, Wheel Tethers, Tyre Allocation, Replacement of GearBoxes, 107 percent Qualifying Rule, Team Curfew, Time Penalties, Team Orders — The new additional set of rules that have defined the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship Season..!! — Vrrrrrrooooooommmmmmm…!!!!!!”

#9 >August 20, 2011

“The new T says: ‘Put down your Gun, Pick up your Guitar’ – Rock Rules.”

#10 > August 29, 2011

“– “John Nash” life –“

#11 > August 17, 2012

“It’s almost more than a decade now since I started listening and understanding the deep Rock-tuned poetry of Linkin Park, the band that helped me getting myself back again. Linkin Park started the punch by expressing the human frustration with ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’, they became concerned about the world in ‘Minutes to Midnight’, then

they applied their matured thought process for modern warfare in ‘A Thousand Suns’ and they implemented their humanity in ‘Living Things’..!!! Mike, Chester, Rob, Pheonix, Joe and Brad formulated the six-legged reconfigurable ‘hexaped’ called Linkin Park..!! Rock on, LP..!!

#12 September 01, 2012

“Reading and feeling the positive aspects of being ‘A Beautiful Mind’..!!! – The life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate “John Nash” — Splendid biography by Sylvia Nasar — Highly recommended for rookie researchers..!!! There was never just one.. “John Nash Rises” inside a pheonix machinist who has miles to go before he sleeps..!!!”

#13 > April 23, 2014

“Today I completed 13 years of starting to listen and understand the deep Rock-tuned poetry of Linkin Park, the band that helped me getting myself back again. Linkin Park started the punch by expressing the human frustration with ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’, they became concerned about the world in ‘Minutes to Midnight’, then they applied their matured thought process for modern warfare in ‘A Thousand Suns’ and they implemented their humanity in ‘Living Things’..!!! Being a hardcore Linkin Park fan, I can say proudly that I can’t predict what are they going to deliver in ‘Hunting Party’. Mike, Chester, Rob, Pheonix, Joe and Brad formulated the six-legged reconfigurable ‘hexaped’ called Linkin Park..!! Rock on, LP..!!”

#14 > October 17, 2014

“I keep walking on untravelled paths, so I shall at least be a good walker due to absence of distractions. Either I shall reach nowhere or I shall be a wise and guiding walker. In any case, I shall never be lost as I do not have any destination.”

#15 > July 28, 2015

“You can’t go into science thinking of a Nobel Prize. You can only go into science because you’re interested in it.”

– Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

#16 > December 02, 2015

“There are ten types of people in this beautiful world: The people who understand binary numbers and The people who don’t understand binary numbers.”

#17 > January 26, 2016

“I make a thing. Then I break that thing by putting it under rigorous testing environment. Then I make that thing again by making it sure that this time the thing does not break under the same rigorous testing environment. This is how I make better things and celebrate the Republic Day everyday. \m/”

“I talk less. I write more. I do more. I walk alone.”

#18 > January 27, 2016

“Give me time. I will teach you life.”

#include <UART_I.h>

#include <UART_YOU.h>

#define I_TALK { UART_I_PutString(“/*text bodyt*/”); }

#define YOU_LISTEN { UART_YOU_GetString(“/*text body*/”); }

#define YOU_TALK { UART_YOU_PutString(“/*text body*/”); }

#define I_LISTEN { UART_I_GetString(“/*text body*/”); }

int main( )









return 0;


#19 > January 28, 2016

“You start knowing you can when you start believing me.”

“Doers don’t speak. They do.”

“If someone or something faces any kind of problem, she/he/it must tell herself/himself/itself: “This is the biggest problem I have ever faced in my life yet. I know that I can’t solve it fully, but I want to work in the direction to get the best possible solution.””

“Try to become a witness of yourself.”

“Because I am.”

“Let me Breath.”

#19 > January 29, 2016

“Keep saying to yourself: “Somewhere I Belong.””

“Start learning. When learning phase is over, start implementing. When implementation is over, start learning. When learning phase is over, start implementing. When implementation is over, start learning. This should be done forever and ever and ever. This is the simplest explanation of my proposed concept called “IEEE” that will define ‘TINU’.”

#20 > January 31, 2016

“Make everyday a working day.”

#21 > February 03, 2016

“Days are coming soon when it will not be “Ladies First.” anymore. It will be “Artificial Intelligence First.””

“People who pretend to be busy are slaves. Lazy thinktanks and implementers are inventors.”

“Mom, if I say I am doing something really important, then take it for granted that I am really doing something very important that will change the world.”

#22 > February 12, 2016

“Got lost. Got found.”

“I am and shall be doing forever and ever and ever and…”

#23 > March 08, 2016

“Anyone/anything can become anyone/anything. Try everything.”

#24 > March 16, 2016

“Nobody/Nothing is perfect on this mother Earth. But it/she/he should enjoy the journey to achieve the perfection in its/her/his field of interest. And when passion adds with the road of journey, it/she/he gets 99.99…% perfection which can give it/her/him self satisfaction.”

#25 > March 22, 2016

“And the tag is “Phoenix The Machinist”. Carpe Diem.”

#25 > March 29, 2016

“It didn’t happen this way, it didn’t happen that way and it even didn’t happen the other way. Wait. Why is it happening that it/she/he is enjoying finding the ways to happen it rather than getting a success to happen it? But natural.”

#26 > April 11, 2016

“There are people in this world who can design and develop technologies, but they can not use them. \m/”

#27 > April 20, 2016

“I always get up.”

#28 > April 28, 2016

“Embedded Systems let one realize that it/she/he can do wonders with limited resources. \m/”

#29 > May 02, 2016

“Hybrid Theory heals. \m/”

#30 > May 23, 2016

“Had been thinking for long about one word that can give glimpse of TINU. The word is: ICEBERG.”

#31 > June 18, 2016

“When somebody/something is doing research, it is not mandatory that he/she/it knows what to do. The mandatory thing for doing research is that one must know what not to do.”

#32 > June 20, 2016

“I can only be my “normal”, I can never be your “normal”.”

#33 > July 6, 2016

“Everyone/Everything in this world has to devote its/her/his life in fulfilling expectations (ofcourse of others) and being ready for futuristic explanations (ofcourse to others) if it/she/he wants to live in (so called) peace. Mercy.”

“You have you. End of the story.”

#34 > July 10, 2016

“When a female human tells her female human friends that she got new pair of shoes, everyone asks: “Which colour?” When a male human tells his male human friends that he got new pair of shoes, everyone asks: “Which brand?” Definition. Mercy. Peace.”

#35 > July 13, 2016

“Almost every Teenager becomes adult two years earlier than what her/his parents had been predicting and she/he becomes mature three years later than what she/he had been predicting.”

#36 > July 22, 2016

“Thank God it’s “Pi(22/7)”day.”

#36 > August 01, 2016

“In the age of evolution, nobody can guide anybody based on her/his experience in many aspects. For example, the way I am working in an engineering firm now, will not be the same way the next generation to me will be working in. Ofcourse, there may be some similarities, but those would be taken care of without any guidance. That doesn’t conclude that the next generation doesn’t need guidance or care from me or my previous generation. But this caring must not turn into overcaring. There is a dignity that has to be maintained when an experienced person shares her/his experience with the novice. Unfortunately, the novice people are surrounded by so many experienced people carrying their ego and arrogance accumulated along with experience and that hurts. There was never anything such as generation gap and there will never be. It’s just a thoughtpool gap that is not at all related to age. There is a certain threshold age when guidance should be given only if it is asked. Diplomacy isn’t required to solve certain issues. Blunt people are better than the diplomatic ones. It is well said that experience is the best teacher, but the best teacher doesn’t teach arrogance and ego as well. When some beautiful brains pop up with innovative ideas, the experienced brains kill those ideas by telling: “You haven’t seen the world yet, I have seen the world and I tell you this is bullshit.” Is this kind of attitude really required?”

#37 > August 02, 2016

“The world is grey.”

“Launching TINU for testing…”


First program of IEEE by TINU:

(Assumption: infinite values of a variable)

(The flags timetocontribute and problemsolved are interrupt driven)



#define TRUE 1

#define FALSE !TRUE

int main()


infinite int learn, contribute;

bool timetocontribute, problemsolved;

timetocontribute = FALSE;

problemsolved = FALSE;

learn = 0;

contribute = 0;




if(timetocontribute == TRUE)














#38 > August 8, 2016

“It’s always better to be ethical than practical. It gives pain to self as well as others at times, but after all it pays self satisfaction.”

#39 > August 10, 2016

“Become like nature that always heals.”

#40 > August 17, 2016

“There is always an infinity greater than any other infinity.”

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