printf(“Hello World !!!\r\n”);


My family gave me a Nickname “tinu” when I was born at 05:58 AM IST on Thursday, November 21, 1985 (City: Ahmedabad, State: Gujarat, Country: India). After my Post Graduation, I was able to make a full form of the word tinu as: “Theorem In Neurobotic Utilization”. “tinu” is my brainchild and an upcoming Engineering concept that is based on its own Interdisciplinary Euclidean Engineering Evolution (IEEE). People will start feeling and implementing “tinu” in their day-to-day lives very soon which will eventually make the human life on this Earth better especially in various fields of Art, Philosophy, Engineering, Medical and Life. So I like to be called better as tinu than SHAUNAK. I am a passionate Research & Development Engineer with specialization in Embedded Systems. Based on my Curriculum Vitae, I am learning different Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Programmable System On Chips, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Real Time Operating Systems, Signal Conditioning, Digital Signal Processing, Analogue Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing and last but not the least, Robotics. As a part of my work, when I get a new Embedded System to work on, I always start writing a “Hello World” program targetting it. That is why I chose my First post’s name as

“printf(“Hello World !!!\r\n”);”

by considering it analogous to my work. This is the standard C format to start learning the embedded system including specially processors and controllers that support C compilers. (Note: Please bear if you don’t Find “#include <stdio.h>” and “main()” function as the title name has some limitations here.) There are n number of programming languages in the world, but the holy purpose to write this in C is that I am a bit convenient with C programming !!!

I belong to a thickly populated and beautiful city called Ahmedabad that comes under State Gujarat in India. I did my schooling in Gujarati Medium (“Gujarati” is a language originated in Gujarat) from Shree Vidyanagar Highschool, Ahmedabad. I pursued my Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad. Then I pursued my Master in Technology (M.Tech.) in Embedded System Design from “IGNOU-I2IT

Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research”, Pune.

I voluntarily accomplished a project titled “Speed Control of PMDC Motor using Phase Locked Loop” in Summer Learning Program that was held before the start of Semester 5 of my B.Tech.. I accomplished another project titled “Simulation of Variable Frequency Induction Motor Drive using OrCAD PSpice” in Semester 7 of my B.Tech..I designed a project titled “Light Sensing Robot” as my Final Semester B.Tech. Project. My entire M.Tech. Thesis work based on Project titled “Obstacle Detection and Avoidance with Speed Control for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle” has been published as a chapter in a book “Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering Applications” by Springer International Publishing Switzerland in the year 2014.

Click Here to go through my research profile in detail.

My major hobbies include:

-> Listening and Feeling Music (Any Genre)

-> Watching and Analysing Movies (I am a MovieBuff !!!)

-> Reading and Understanding Books (Mostly Biographies, Autobiographies and Science)

-> Playing and Learning the Programming of PC and Console Games (I want to automate the Gaming !!!)

-> Table Tennis (Novice)

-> Talking to People (I am able to let even a stranger of any age feel very much comfortable with me if I can spend even 5 minutes with him/her !!!)

On this website, I will be writing about:

-> Technology

-> Mental Health

-> Philosophy

-> My Work (QuesTINU)

-> Thoughts coming out of my Beautiful Mind

Anyone who is interested in discussing anything related to any or all of the above mentioned topics is most welcome and he/she can send me an email regarding that to my email id given in the document of the previously mentioned Springer Chapter.

Alright Everyone. I think my “Hello World” Program Code is becoming longer than it should be. If I write one more paragraph, then my RAM will get OverFlowed and I will not be able to compile my code successfully. (It’s getting too much Techy and Geeky, isn’t it? Let’s leave it here !!!)

I end up this article with TINU’s Quote:

“Philomathy always pays.” – tinu

Shaunak Agastya Vyas (tinu)

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Carpe Diem !


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