Date: November 18, 2018
Hi All
I am working on a concept TINU which has a practical proof and does not have a theoretical proof. To understand the current status of TINU better, I can say that it is working flawlessly, but I do not know the theory behind it. It is a neurobotic concept explaining the mind lying inside the brain. The practical results implemented in myself are fabulous. So I want to share the process with the people working in the fields of Science, Technology, Art, Philosophy, Intellect and Medicine. I am sharing the entire chat history of my Whatsapp Group (The link is an invitation link to join the group, by clicking it you will directly join the group, so click it only if you trust me), where the concept was born and evolved, with all of you. Kindly go through Whatsapp Chat History with TINU Live which has the entire text chat history of the group till October 17, 2018. I am also referring you to my facebook profile which will give you more idea about this. I have started to build a database that can help. As a picture is nearly equal to 1000 words, now you can go through my memories of the most significant years of my life 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.1, 2017.2 and 2018 created through Google Photos. This will save the time. The data is too big, but reading it patiently and bridging the content of these links given here will give quite better understanding. As of now, I need you to spend some time to read about TINU, get collaborated, help me to find people who can understand this concept with integrity and build a network of researchers who can collaborate to prove TINU theoretically. Take your time. Feel free to ask questions or comment. NeTINU is an opensource network.