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To build a challenging career in research that provides self motivation, self discipline, ambience and exposure to diversified technology which would contribute fruitfully and sincerely to the organization’s as well as personal growth. The holy motive to execute all these is to keep an Interdisciplinary Euclidean Engineering Evolution (IEEE) alive within.

-> Microcontroller Programming & Interfaces
-> Communication
-> Real Time Embedded Systems and Automotive Embedded Systems
-> Sensors and Control Systems
-> Analogue and Digital Signal Processing
-> Algorithms
-> Signal Conditioning
-> Digital Image Processing
-> Artificial Intelligence
-> Automation of Console and PC Gaming

-> Programming Languages:
C, Embedded C
-> Tools:
DAVE CE, CCS, OrCAD Schematic, DipTrace, Proteus, OrCAD PSPICE, KEIL, MPLAB,              AVRStudio, Cypress Creator and Debugger, MS Office, OpenOffice
-> Platforms:
Windows, Linux, RTOS, 8051, PIC MCU Family, AVR MCU Family, ARM MCU Family,              Cypress PSoC Family, DSP
-> Proficiency in designing of Electronics hardware and working on Oscilloscopes
-> Research Documentation
-> Innovate and Integrate the Research Concepts starting from the scratch to final                   product with Proper Implementation Methodology


-> Technical Manager at Robokits India (Presently Working as a Trainee from June 1, 2017) (URL:

– Training and Recruitment
– Digital Marketing
– Research and Development
– Product Documentation
– Content Writing
– Control of RMCS1120 Hybrid Servo Drive by Arduino Master Control Board: Click Here
– Project Development with 20-in-1 Robotic Kit using Ardublock : Click Here

-> Self Motivated Independent Researcher and Founder of TINU (
-> Embedded Firmware Development Engineer at Kolorrol Energy Pvt Ltd (June 2, 2016 to May 21, 2017) (URL:
– Power Electronics Modules
– Digital Signal Processing (TI)
– Microcontrollers (Infineon)
– Real Time Operating Systems (TI and Infineon)
– Electronic Signal Conditioning
– Quality Testing of Researched Products and Research Project Documentation
– Firmware Design and Product Feature Optimization
– Wired and Wireless Communication (UART, GSM, Modbus Subset, I2C, SPI)
– Design and Development of Production-time Self Testing Variable Frequency Drive with GSM, Modbus Subset, LCD and Memory Card Interface
– Firmware Development for Solar VFD and Solar Monitoring Module
– Solar PV Grid Synchronization
-> Senior Research and Development Engineer at Suyojan Systems (June 01, 2015 to January 31, 2016) (URL: )
– Working on Programmable System On Chip for various automation based projects.
– Working on hardware and software design from concept to PCB.
– Documenting project aspects from client and internal usage perspectives.
– Requirement analysis, component fitment, design validation and development.
– Concept evaluation for innovative ideas.
– GSM Based Reconfigurable Alert System
– Customized Industrial Automation
-> Research and Development Engineer at National Electricals and Electronics Corporation (NEEC) (June 01, 2014 to May 31, 2015) (URL: )
– Designed and Developed projects using Cypress Programmable System On Chip.
– Implemented different communication protocols (I2C and UART) with an aim to establish communication between Microcontroller, PC and Server (GPRS, GSM).
– Designed efficient algorithms with very good analytical ability using concepts of finite state machines and implemented them in C language for different automation projects.
– Designed very innovative electronic circuits and PCBs with Operational Amplifiers, Digital Inverters, ADC, 555 Timer, Counter, Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Relays, Power Supplies, Sensors, Actuators and Transducers.
– Performed successful experiments and calibrations of sensors for measurement of
Temperature and Distance.
– Reconfigurable GSM Security Alert System
– Fault Power Indication Through GSM with Reconfigurabilty
– GPRS and Bluetooth based Data Monitoring System with Reconfigurabilty
-> Research and Development Engineer at
MobileRobotics (October 01, 2012 to May 31, 2014) (URL: )
– Helped in starting up MobileRobotics.
– Learned the Mechanical aspects of Robotics.
– Provided training related to Embedded Systems and Robotics to Engineering Students.
– Maintained the inventory of different components and kits purchased and sold by company.
– Prepared documents related to each and every project that was completed by company.
– Designed and developed different innovative R&D Projects initiated by company.
– Home Automation by Dual Control through Mobile DTMF
– Pulse Width Modulation based Speed Control of DC Motor
– Bluetooth Remote Controlled Robot carrying Zigzag Platform
– Ball Follower Robot
– Line Follower Robot
– Model of Automatic Railway Gate Control System
-> Post Graduate Project Trainee at “Digital System Group” of “Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani (Rajasthan, India) with Project Title: “Obstacle Detection and Avoidance with Speed Control for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle” (July 01, 2011 to December 31, 2011) (URL: )
Wrote M.Tech. Thesis on “Obstacle Detection and Avoidance with Speed Control for
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle” after successful simulation results. I am looking forward to
going for the doctorate studies with the same direction and want to build hardware along with my successful software. The ultimate goal of doing all these is to automate the transportation of this beautiful world.
-> Laboratory Assistant in Embedded Systems Design Laboratory at “School of
Interdisciplinary Science and Technology” of “IGNOU-I2IT Centre of Excellence for
Advanced Education and Research” (January 01, 2011 to June 30, 2011)
(Reference: Prof. Rabinder Henry) (URL:
– Maintaining inventory of Embedded System Design laboratory.
– Keeping attendance record of students visiting the laboratory.
– Keeping the laboratory neat and clean.
– Maintaining the intranet and internet of the laboratory.
– Meeting companies to collaborate and establish Centre of Excellence at Department
-> Management Trainee at Aromatics Division of Atul Limited (July 01, 2008 to December 31, 2008) (URL: )
– Electrical Maintenance at Chemical Plant.
– Commissioning of Cogenerator.
– Obstacle Detection and Avoidance with Speed Control for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (M.Tech.)
– Light Sensing Robot (B.Tech.)
– Speed Control of PMDC Motor using Phase Locked Loop (B.Tech.)
– Simulation of Variable Frequency Induction Motor Drive using OrCAD PSpice (B.Tech.)
– Car Washing System Implemented by PLC (B.Tech.)
-> Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Embedded Systems at “School of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology” of “IGNOU-I2IT Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research” with 70% (Year: 2012) (Medium of Education: English)
-> Qualified in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2010 – Electrical Engineering (EE) (Year: 2010) (Medium of Education: English)
-> Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering at Nirma University, Ahmedabad with
Cumulative Progress Index 7.61/10 (Year: 2008) (Medium of Education: English)
-> Higher Secondary Certificate at Shree Vidyanagar High school, Ahmedabad with 81.38%
(Year: 2003) (Medium of Education: Gujarati)
-> Secondary School Certificate at Shree Vidyanagar High school, Ahmedabad with 91.14%
(Year: 2001) (Medium of Education: Gujarati)
-> Conference Proceeding: Vyas Shaunak Agastya, Lovekumar D Thakker, Amit Patwardhan,
“Simulation of Obstacle Detection and Speed Control for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle”,
International Conference on Computational Vision and Robotics, Organized by IIMT
Bhubaneswar, IRNet India, August 2012, pp. 48-51 [ISBN: 978-93-82208-10-5]
-> Book Chapter: Shaunak Agastya Vyas, Lovekumar D. Thakker, Amit Patwardhan,
“Simulation of Obstacle Detection and Speed Control for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle”,
02/2014; DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-04693-8_6 In Book: Soft Computing Techniques in
Engineering Applications, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 543, Edition: 2014,
VI, 206 p. 134 illus., 57 illus. in Color, Chapter: “Simulation of Obstacle Detection and
Speed Control for Autonomous Robotic Vehicle”, Publisher: Springer International
Publishing Switzerland, Editors: Srikanta Patnaik, Baojiang Zhong, pp.75-97
[Print ISBN: 978-3-319-04692-1] [Online ISBN: 978-3-319-04693-8]
(URL: )
-> Name on Certificates: Vyas Shaunak Agastya
-> Birth Details : November 21, 1985, Thursday, 05:58 AM IST
-> Gender : Male
-> Languages : English, Hindi, Gujarati
-> Permanent Address : 39, Tirthnagar Society, Part 3, Sola Road
City: Ahmedabad
PIN CODE: 380061
State: Gujarat
Country: India
-> Indian Passport: Yes

“I keep walking on less travelled roads towards goals, so I shall atleast be a good walker. Either I will achieve the goals or I will be a smart and guiding traveller.”