Why do I break down and cry every time my parents yell at me?

My answer to Why do I break down and cry every time my parents yell at me?

Answer by Shaunak Agastya Vyas:

That is called parental stress. I have a question:

“In the age of evolution, nobody can guide anybody based on her/his experience in many aspects. For example, the way I am working in an engineering firm now, will not be the same way the next generation to me will be working in. Ofcourse, there may be some similarities, but those would be taken care of without any guidance. That doesn’t conclude that the next generation doesn’t need guidance or care from me or my previous generation. But this caring must not turn into overcaring. There is a dignity that has to be maintained when an experienced person shares her/his experience with the novice. Unfortunately, the novice people are surrounded by so many experienced people carrying their ego and arrogance accumulated along with experience and that hurts. There was never anything such as generation gap and there will never be. It’s just a thoughtpool gap that is not at all related to age. There is a certain threshold age when guidance should be given only if it is asked. Diplomacy isn’t required to solve certain issues. Blunt people are better than the diplomatic ones. It is well said that experience is the best teacher, but the best teacher doesn’t teach arrogance and ego as well. When some beautiful brains pop up with innovative ideas, the experienced brains kill those ideas by telling: “You haven’t seen the world yet, I have seen the world and I tell you this is bullshit.” Is this kind of attitude really required?”

I hope you have got your answer by this question.

Shaunak Agastya Vyas

Why do I break down and cry every time my parents yell at me?

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